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Lyn "The Diva Lyn"

LYN Crowned “The Diva Lyn 
Guilty of inspiring other people to sing because of God-given creativity and the Love of Music
Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Producer Lyn "The Diva Lyn" (Leonard Hicks) is stirring up the music scene and the Charts with the 2009 single and 2010 SoundClick Top 50 and 100 song  "Suck A Dick And Tell A Line Later" and the singles "This Is Our Time, Show Me, Holy and Been There Did That Done It with Brooklyn's own Sincer on Rap.
LYN’s first full length debut album “This Is Our Time” was a long anticipated, and vowed to be a fulfilling musical journey into his life, mind, music and soul.
The official release was September 4, 2009.In 2009 He recorded his first 3 solo single mixes with producer R.J.McMillan in Brooklyn, NY".
This is our time" is the first single from the new release of “The Diva Lyn-Thank You”the full Gospelhouse CD with “Holy” “BeenThere DidThat DoneIt” featuring Sincer on rap and the Title Hit" Thank You.
"On Holy the preacher come out in LYN as he speak the word, so what ever you say he still telling him THANK YOU…..
You are warmly invited to enjoy the ride with a trailblazing and truly remarkable artist of the 20th Century............LYN….The Diva Lyn